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Download Messages' Headers into a DataTable

The following example demonstrates downloading messages 3 - 5 as a DataTable.  It then binds the DataTable to a DataGrid to be displayed in an ASP.NET Web Page.


The DataTable contains the following columns:

  1. Int32 MessageNumber -- The message number as found at the POP3 server.

  2. String Headers -- All of the headers

  3. String FromName -- The 'Name' part of the FROM header

  4. String FromAddress -- the 'Address' part of the FROM header

  5. String To -- The 'To' address header

  6. String CC -- The 'CC' address header

  7. String Subject -- The 'Subject' address header

  8. String Date -- The 'Date' address header

  9. String ContentType -- The 'type/subtype' of the Content-Type header



            //create a new pop3 object
            POP3 pop = new POP3("","dave@blah.com", "mypassword" );
            //connect to the POP3 server
            //download the headers for messages 3 - 5 (inclusive)
            DataTable dt = pop.HeaderTable(3, 5);
            //Close the POP3 Connection
            //html encode the cells
            for( int r=0;r<dt.Rows.Count;r++)
            	//skip the first col because it's an Int32
            	for( int c=1;c<dt.Columns.Count;c++)
            		string cellValue = dt.Rows[r][c].ToString();
            		dt.Rows[r][c] = "<pre>" + Server.HtmlEncode( cellValue ) + "</pre>";
            //display the datagrid in ASP.NET page
            DataGrid dg = new DataGrid();
            dg.DataSource = dt;
            Page.Controls.Add( dg );



            'create a new pop3 object
            Dim pop As New POP3("", "dave@blah.com", "mypassword")
            'connect to the POP3 server
            'get the messages 3-5 (includes message 3,4, and 5 ) as a DataTable            
            Dim dtMsg As DataTable = pop.MessageTable(3, 5)
            'Close the POP3 Connection
            'html encode the cells
            Dim r As Integer
            For r = 0 To dtMsg.Rows.Count - 1
                'skip the first col because it's an Int32
                Dim c As Integer
                For c = 1 To dtMsg.Columns.Count - 1
                    Dim cellValue As String = dtMsg.Rows(r)(c).ToString()
                    dtMsg.Rows(r)(c) = "<pre>" + Server.HtmlEncode(cellValue) + "</pre>"
                Next c
            Next r
            'display the  DataTable in a DataGrid in an ASP.NET page
            Dim dgMsg As New DataGrid()
            dgMsg.DataSource = dtMsg




The box is not shipped. aspNetPOP3 is a downloadable product.