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  "I use this product since years, and I must say it works very well! Really a good product... The support is excellent, working together with Dave to solve a problem through the forum"
Matteo Raumer

Do you programmatically connect to mail servers to retrieve email? Do you need to do this from a web application? Or winform application? How about a webservice? Do you need to parse the email into easily manageable parts? If so, then aspNetPOP3 is for you

aspNetPOP3 is a server component, sometimes called an assembly. It is used to programmatically access email messages from a POP3 server. aspNetPOP3 provides an easy-to-use interface to the POP3 (Post Office Protocol v3 ) standards. Because POP3 is only used to download messages, a mechanism is required to read and parse email (MIME) messages. Thus aspNetMime, a component used for parsing email or MIME messages), comes bundled with aspNetPOP3. No separate purchase of aspNetMime is required. For more information about aspNetMime, please visit www.aspNetMime.com

The combination of aspNetPOP3 and aspNetMime results in the most powerful POP3 component solution for .NET. Here is a brief list of features provided by aspNetPOP3 and aspNetMime.

What's in the newest version of aspNetPOP3?

.NET Support
aspNetPOP3 runs under all releases of .NET.

Switched to License Keys from License files
aspNetPOP3 has moved to license keys for easier deployment. We did away with the older, digitally signed files, to make it easier on the developers when moving their applications.

NTLM Support
aspNetPOP3 supports connecting to Exchange over NTML authentication protocol.

More Login Methods
Exposed the Login method for additional options for developers to authenticate against a wider range of servers.

64Bit Servers
Increased the flexibility for aspNetPOP3 to run under different variations of servers.

AutoLoadFromConfigKey property
Automatically set properties from your .config file, without changing a line of compiled code. aspNetPOP3 can automatically recognize these values.

Better UTF-8 Support
Due to some of the internal behavior of .NET, and UTF-8 characters, it was possible for the .NET framework to drop some of the higher end, surrogate characters. aspNetPOP3 will gracefully handle those characters.

Added additional options for streaming messages out of POP3 servers to different stream objects.

SSL Support
With the release of the AdvancedIntellect.Ssl.dll, aspNetPOP3 now support secure SSL connections. With as little as 2 additional lines of code you can enable your application to securely communicate with your mail server. The AdvancedIntellect.Ssl.dll can be downloaded from http://www.advancedintellect.com/download.aspx at no charge.

Proxy Support
Do you require Socks 4 or 5 proxy support to communicate through your company's proxy server? aspNetPOP3 now includes a complete proxy class to control various proxy server settings.

Better Debugging and Troubleshooting
We've added even more logging statements to be written to the debug log for easier troubleshooting. If you run into a problem using aspNetPOP3, simply enable logging, and read the log in any text reader. You may not even need to contact Advanced Intellect for support. Suggestions are found right in the log file.

aspNetPOP3 now allows partially trusted callers to make requests into the aspNetPOP3.dll. This option allows it to be hosted under the ASP.NET 2.0 runtime.

Bug Fixes
Thanks to the great customer response, we've cleaned and fixed some obscure bugs we didn't know about. aspNetPOP3 is the most bug free release we've ever had.

Besides these features, aspNetPOP3 still includes the following great feature list.

Version 2.0 Features

  • Built in Synchronous and Asynchronous DNS Blacklist (DNSbl) Support for Spam Checking
  • A new OnServerResponse event
  • Added additional POP3AuthenticationException and POP3ConnectionException objects for finer grained exception handling
  • Increased 8 Bit Mime parsing support
  • Added Delayed Delete capability
  • Added better support for dropped POP3 connections.
  • Added automatic HTML to Plain Text format conversion utility.
  • Better Email Address parsing for the Email Headers
  • Additional features for parsing Mime Streams, Files and Text
  • Faster Quoted Printable decoding routine.
  • Better support for improperly formatted Mime messages
  • Better Characterset matching

Plus Version 1.5 Features

  • Provides Date support to the Header DataTable
  • Provides Size statistic to the Header DataTable
  • Better support for poorly implemented POP3 RFC Servers
  • Faster Network Layer Binary Parsing
  • Better support for 8Bit Content Transfer Encoded Emails
  • Supports TimeZone Offsets
  • Provides HTML Encoded Header DataTables
  • Complete Asynchronous Header Downloads
  • Complete Asynchronous Message Downloads
  • Load POP3 Settings from the web/application .config files
  • Added More Events for better mulithreaded environments.
  • Better Support for Macintosh emails
  • Better Support for Unix emails
  • Better and Faster Quoted Printable parsing
  • Supports Case Insensitve Header Searches
  • Checks for Illegal Filename Extensions
  • Faster MimePart Boundary Parsing
  • Better Support for NDRs
  • Better Support for Attached Messages
  • Better 8Bit Message Support
  • Added More Encoding/Decoding Options
  • Better DateTime Parsing

Plus the original Version 1.0 Features

  • Download email messages from a POP3 server
  • Delete messages from the server
  • Cancel messaged marked for deletion
  • Download mail headers as a string
  • Download mail messages as a string
  • Download email headers as a DataTable
  • Bind email headers to a DataGrid
  • Bind email headers to DataRepeaters and DataLists
  • Bind email messages to DataGrids
  • Bind email messages to DataRepeaters and DataLists
  • Retrieve the number of messages on a server
  • Reconnect dropped connections
  • Access attachments found in the email
  • Stream attachments to browsers
  • Write attachments to any stream
  • Access headers
  • Access to the TO email addresses
  • Access the CC email addresses
  • Access the subject of an email
  • Access different body parts (TEXT and/or HTML)
  • Decode Body Parts
  • Decode Quoted-Printable and base64 formats
  • Determine the Content-Type of a message
  • Access embedded images
  • Stream embedded images to the browser
  • Write embedded images to any stream
  • Access the Reply-To of a message
  • Access the Priority of a message
  • Access any X-Header
  • Save messages to a file
  • Save attachments to a file
  • Save embedded images to a file
  • Any many more.

The box is not shipped. aspNetPOP3 is a downloadable product.